When you meet your instructor, on the first lesson, your licence will need to be produced (both parts) and your eyesight will be checked. (You must be able to read a number plate at 20.5 metres) First driving lesson is free and thereafter you can plan ahead and book to suit your needs. Lessons can be one or two per week (recommended two) or more. Double lessons can be useful to get used to the concentration span required for the day of the test as you will be out for almost two hours !

DRIVING LESSONS AUTOMATIC LESSONS FEEDBACK MOTORWAY TUITION ABOUT US Did you know in America 6.7% of cars are manual  (2010) in America, compared to 75% in 2013 for the UK?

If the thought of learning to use the clutch and the gears is too daunting for you, then welcome to ADI School Of Motoring – The place to pass !

So, you’ve decide to learn to drive in an Automatic, here’s the responses you might expect to hear…

‘if you learn automatic you won’t be able to drive a manual car’

Well, obviously, that’s the idea. How likely are you to pass your test in an automatic car, then crave to drive a manual? Not likely!

It’s not  uncommon for people to say that they prefer a manual driving experience, here in the UK. We are traditional people. However in America the majority of drivers now own Automatic vehicles.

Choose what suits you, your needs and your wants.

And if someone responds to your decision in a negative way, perhaps you should remind them that Ferrari and Jaguar no longer offer manual transmission - there’s a reason for that!

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Automatic Driving Lessons in Weston-super-Mare

Learn to drive an Automatic Car with ADI Driving School